Prescott Jr High GT students competed in an essay competition sponsored by our local Daughters of the American Revolution Benjamin Culp Chapter.  The topic of the essay was March 5, 2020 marks the 250th Anniversary of the Boston Massacre, considered to be a pivotal event that paved the way to the American Revolution. Students had to imagine they were living in Boston and, after witnessing the events of March 5, describe your family’s discussion about the Boston Massacre and what role it played in organizing the colonists against the British King and Parliament. 

Essays were judged at the local Prescott level 
where eighth grader, Caytlee Poole, placed first in her grade level. 

Two essays, written by Caytlee Poole and Rylee Williams, were chosen to be sent to the state level competition.  Caytlee Poole’s essay won the State essay contest. Poole’s essay was then sent to the District level where she won competing against students from Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. After winning the District level, Caytlee’s essay is now being judged at the Regional level. If her essay is chosen at this level, she will then compete on the National level. 

Congratulations to Caytlee for writing  an essay for the second year in a row that is now being judged at the Regional level.