During tonight’s monthly board meeting, the Prescott School Board approved a Fundamentals of Life Class mandatory for incoming freshman for the 2019-2020 school year.  Students will receive 1 credit for  the class.  PHS Agri teacher, Russell Carter will be teaching the class which will consist of teaching students such things as how to check air in a tire and change a flat, change wipers on a car, hook up a trailer to a vehicle, check oil in a vehicle, mix gas and put string in a weed eater, use power tools, use a tape measure, understand a breaker box, to start and drive a tractor and to hook up different attachments, build a fire and clean a chimney and purpose to name a few. Our district is proud to have the opportunity to offer this life skill class to our students.  It is our job to help all kids be successful at life by learning these skills.