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Title I and Federal programs



Annual Audit

School District Personnel Policies
Certified and Classified.

District Student handbook
(all schools)


Parental involvement Plans:


School Improvement status

Current status for each school for school improvement:

District:  Needs improvement 

PES    :  Needs improvement

PHS     : Needs improvement

2015-2016 Status for school improvement

District:  Needs improvement 

PES    :  Needs improvement

PHS     : Needs improvement






Budgets for Ensuing Year

Annual Fiancial report and budget

Legal Balances


Monthly Budget Reports >> 
-current and previous two years-


Annual Report to the Public


ACSIP Plans – current


Annual School Report Card
from: (


Annual School Performance report
District/school report cards.


  District/School ESEA Report

Annual Statistical Report








Local and State Revenue



Fund balances


* Schoolboard meetings are normally held every last Tuesday of the month at 6pm in our P58 (new building) boardroom. Meetings are open to the public.
Rescheduled board meeting time/dates will be published on this site 24 hours in advance. 

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